Taking appointments after a year of learning, growing and healing.......

Tammy Cunningham - Sunday, February 10, 2013

I am excited to say I am BACK TO my heart's desire.. My coaching and healing business.
I have missed everyone, and CANNOT thank you all enough for your patience in allowing 
me some time to grieve, heal, grow and learn from my life's experiences.

I will be integrating Saturdays and some evenings  into my schedule while taking care of Strings and my foundation.  I will be
* Equine Coaching and partnering
with Kathe Peachey with Peachey Stables, with some warmer weather
coming here in the next month. 
* I have had an opportunity to "get away" in Maui and Cancun 
and am looking forward to "Destination Healing Time in Magical Places", 
*Reiki Trainings, Magnified Healing training and Heartmath Sessions.
*I am also excited about this being a great time of year for 
LIVING YOUR Vision, the business plan for YOU and YOU ONLY. 
 Finding Vision, Purpose, and using the Feng Shui 
Bagua fill in 9 Key areas of Your life and Making powerful INTENTIONS
to make happen what you WANT.  It's like standing on the mountain top
and shouting to Spirit, the world what you want in your life and 
magically it starts to happen!
*I will be again, bringing a nice addition to your healing session, healing
jewelry to aid in "keeping" your zone space.

Please watch for my upcoming schedule and if you want to come see me prior to that
just give me a call.

Thank you all for being so supportive and unconditionally loving while I heal...
Much love and APPRECIATION

Welcome to the new Heart Intelligent site!

Steven Waller - Monday, August 10, 2009

We have re-designed the Heart Intelligent website to and made it easier to update. I will be posting helpful thoughts and tips here in the blog. Make sure to sign up for my email newsletter!