After working with Tammy my husband and I have developed a greater understanding of ourselves and our abilities but most importantly the abilities of our 2 year old son. She has taught us how to communicate as a family in a very deep and meaningful way, through listening to our heart we are able to step back and see things in a very different way. We are definitely a work in progress but Tammy has given us the tools to grow and hopefully raise an amazingly spiritual little boy.

Thank you Tammy for all of your support you are truly and amazing woman with a beautiful heart.
- Llana, Mike and Lennon Sartain

When I listen to Tammy coach clients, I clearly heard that she demonstrates the kind of coaching we are committed to in our profession. She coaches clients to get clear, take actions in alignment with that clarity and achieve accountability while holding their agenda. One of her clients told me how much her life has improved as a result of Tammy's coaching. I am proud to be a colleague of Tammy's.
- M. Summerscales, MS, MCC, CEC

In addition to her ability to read others, Tammy draws from her expert knowledge on a variety of coaching disciplines. I truly value her depth and wealth of knowledge that she openly shares with me. In a given session, Tammy uses various techniques to address emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. She is an outstanding listener who easily filters the significant from the ordinary.
- A. Burstein

The changes I have seen in my life by working with Tammy have been outstanding. Through Tammy's help and quiet perseverance, she has helped me open my life to a true balance of head and heart. She is very intuitive, insightful, kind, caring, non-judging, sensitive and patient. Her insight into human nature is very deep and the experience she has had in her own life truly aid her in coaching other people.
- A. Butler

Working with Tammy as my personal life coach has not only taught me to open the eyes of my heart but also given me the ability to feed my own soul. I always knew I had a very blessed life, I just didn't know how to live all of it. I seemed to be barreling down the road of life, I now have the freedom and desire to take the side roads one at a time.
- T. Mundy