Heart Intelligent employs a variety of traditional and holistic wellness techniques, using whichever is the most appropriate and effective for each individual. We believe that limiting our therapies only succeeds in limiting the potential for achieving personal and life goals.

We concentrate on creating unity between mind, body, and heart, with the core belief that each aspect must be healthy and connected to develop a well-functioning whole. We believe everyone has their own answers within, so we partner in learning to identify and focus their unconscious thoughts and emotions to enjoy success.

Heart Intelligent can help you find your purpose, and set you on a definite course for realizing it.

Everyone can benefit from some type of healing therapy. Whether their primary manifestations of inner turmoil are mental or physical, a program designed to positively channel the body’s energies can effect a huge improvement. Even migraines, aches and pains, or more serious body ailments can be the physical result of stress, pain, or loss. More than 80% of visits to doctors are stress-related.

Heart Intelligent begins by helping you identify the signals your inner-self gives you by becoming more aware of your emotional and physical condition. This helps us recognize obstacles to your well-being, the factors that limit your ability to achieve personal, career, or relationship goals.

Once these obstacles are identified, Heart Intelligent will provide you with a proven set of tools and strategies to overcome them. Unlike traditional therapy, we are less concerned with the "why" than with empowering you to make a positive life change. We tailor our healing to each unique individual and encourage you to deepen your learning while stepping into action.

Different techniques are more effective for different individuals, so we will guide you through a comprehensive process that will help you identify your best methods for healing. At Heart Intelligent, we tailor our healing to each unique individual.